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Project Division A: Structure

A2Magnetoelectric coupling in wurtzite-perovskite-spinel heterostructures grown by laser-MBELorenzUL
A3Atomic structure and local spectroscopy of complex oxidic structuresWiddraMLU
A4Electronic ground-state and excited-state properties of complex oxide structuresErnst, HergertMPI, MLU
A5Growth, structure and magnetic properties of ultrathin transition metal oxides on metalsMeyerheimMPI
A7Electronic, geometric, and magnetic properties of multiferroic heterostructuresDenecke, Chassé, SchindlerUL, MLU
A8Multiferroic 0–3, 2–2, and 1–3 compositesEbbinghaus, DörrMLU
A9Elastic control of magnetic order at oxide interfacesDörrMLU
A10Finite size effects in atomically thin REO3 single crystalline filmsParkinMPI
A11Predicting the atomic structure of oxide interfacesMarquesMLU
A12Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled oxide vertical interfaces

The project is funded since October 1, 2017.


Project Division B: Dynamics

B1Defect-induced magnetism in oxidesEsquinazi, HergertUL, MLU
B2Magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic heterostructuresMertig, HenkMLU
B3Magneto-electro-optical interactions and their dynamics in oxide heterostructuresSchmidt-GrundUL
B4Lateral transport in all-oxide field-effect structuresvon Wenckstern, GrundmannUL
B5Magnetic and electric properties of ultrathin oxide filmsZiese, EsquinaziUL
B6Spin-dependent tunneling in oxide heterostructuresGrundmann, RosenowUL
B7Imaging of short-range correlations at oxide surfaces and interfacesSchumann, Kirschner, BerakdarMPI, MLU
B8Stress and lattice dynamics of multiferroic systemsWiddra, SanderMLU, MPI
B9Spin pumping and tunneling in ferromagnetic oxide hetero- and hybrid structuresSchmidtMLU
B10Optimal control of quantum dynamics in multiferroic oxide nanostructuresBerakdarMLU
B11Multiferroic dynamics at oxide interfacesBerakdar, WoltersdorfMLU
B12Engineered chiral spin textures and their dynamics in oxide thin filmsParkin, Gross, Sharma, MertigMPI, MLU