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B10: Optimal control of quantum dynamics in multiferroic oxide nanostructures

Theoretical concepts and solution methods from the fields of correlated many-body systems, nonlinear dynamics and quantum information processing are combined to utilize the multiferroic quantum dynamics in low-dimensional heterostructures for novel applications in quantum thermodynamic or quantum communication. The interaction of spin order and ferroelectricity is exploited with the aim to control the transfer of information, mediated by charge, spin, lattice and / or thermal excitation. Specific technical applications such as multiferroic diodes and ultrafast channels for quantum information transfer will be analyzed and assessed in view of a practical implementation.

The project focuses on the following interrelated blocks:

  1. Non-thermal, ultra-fast production and control of pure spin current upon laser-driven spin pump at the interface of multiferroic heterostructures. Helical composites play thereby a central role.
  2. Due to the intrinsic coupling of the phonon and spin degrees of freedom, single-phase multiferroic helical structures are ideal for applications in the emerging field of quantum thermodynamics. In particular, the control of quantum properties (such as the energy spectrum) via external fields, the scalability, and the possibility to be integrated into existing electronics are decisive advantageous features of multiferroics. We are specifically interested in electrically and / or magnetically tunable multiferroic thermal diodes that operate on the basis of electromagnons.
  3. The coupling between the elastic and the spin modes is also well suited for the coherent control of quantum information flow. We are inspecting concepts of how phonons may act as ultrafast transfer channels for quantum information that is encoded in the spin configuration.

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Jamal Berakdar ⇒

phone: +49 (0) 345/55 28530

fax: +49 (0) 345/55 27391

Prof. Dr. Jamal Berakdar

Prof. Dr. Jamal Berakdar