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Projects of the 1st funding period

Project Division A: Structure

A1Nanoscale multiferroic heterostructuresHesse, AlexeMPI
A2Polarization interaction in Laser-MBE Wurzit-Perovskit heterostructuresLorenzUL
A3Atomic structure and local spectroscopy of complex oxidic structuresWiddraMLU
A4Electronic Ground State and Excited State Properties of complex oxidic StructuresHergert, ErnstMLU, MPI
A5Growth, structure and magnetic properties of ultra thin transition metal oxides on metalsMeyerheim, KirschnerMPI
A6Ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties of oxide surfacesMorgnerUL
A7Determination of the Local Geometric and Magnetic Order in Ferroic Single- and Multi-LayersDenecke, Chassé, SchindlerUL, MLU
AXIntrinsic multiferroic BiFeO3 epitaxial films and nanostructures

Dr. Ionela Vrejoiu is an independent principal investigator since April 1, 2010.


Project Division B: Dynamics

B1Defect-induced magnetism in oxidesEsquinazi, Ziese, HergertUL, MLU
B2Magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic heterostructuresMertig, HenkMLU, MPI
B3Optical studies of the dielectric function and its dynamics on oxidic heterostructuresGrundmann, SeifertUL, MLU
B4Lateral Transport in Oxidic Field-effect-StructuresGrundmann, ChristenUL, UM
B5Spin-dependent transport and exchange-biasing in multiferroic heterostructuresZiese, EsquinaziUL
B6Spin-dependent tunneling in oxidic heterostructuresGrundmann, MertigUL, MLU
B7Imaging of short-range correlations at oxide surfaces and interfacesBerakdar, Pavlyukh, SchumannMLU, MPI
B8Strain, stress and lattice dynamics of multiferroic systemsWiddra, Sander, StepanyukMLU, MPI
B9Spin pumping and spin transfer at magnetic oxide interfaces

Prof. Georg Schmidt is a principal investigator in the SFB 762 since July 1, 2010.