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Dr. Nicki Frank Hinsche

phone: 0345 55 25 566
fax: 0345 55 25 446

room 0.47
von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
06120 Halle

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The lab course consists on the following topics:

Two- and four terminal networks:

transmission lines / coaxial cables, frequency compensated voltage divider, RLC based filters

Analogue circuits:

IV-curves of semi-conducting diodes and BJT/FET transitors, active circuits with transitors and operational amplifiers (op-amps)

Digital electronics:

logical gates, flip-flops, counter, shift-register and their applications, DA/AD-converter, arithmetic logic unit


lock-in-amplifier, PID-controller, nonlinear systems, shunt measurements, time-frequency analysis, device controlling via Python, LabView, Arduino and RasperryPi

Introduction into soldering:

material and components introduction, PCB concepts, practial lab course