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Börge Göbel

room 1.18b
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
06120 Halle (Saale)

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Group Seminar

Wednesday, 12:30 pm, Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, room 1.02

Summer semester 2020
01.09.2020Oliver Busch, Transversal transport coefficients in non-collinear magnetic systems (Master presentation)
19.08.2020Robin Neumann, Orbital Magnetic Moment of Magnons (Master presentation)
15.07.2020Franz Fischer, Zwischenvortrag zur Masterarbeit (online)
Kathrin Plass, Bachelor presentation (online)
17.06.2020Alina Wenzel, Bachelor presentation (online)
Mark Stiles, Spintronics-based neuromorphic computing (online)
Giovanni Vignale, Nonlinear magnetoresistance from spin-momentum locking (online)
20.05.2020Yuriy Mokrousov (online)
13.05.2020Till Hanke, Presentation of the "Orientierungspraktikum" (online)
06.05.2020Alexander Mook, Quantum Damping of Skyrmion Crystal Eigenmodes due to Spontaneous Quasiparticle Decay (online)
29.04.2020Börge Göbel, Antiskyrmions and elliptical skyrmions in D2d Heusler materials (online)
15.04.2020Ersoy Şaşıoğlu, Spin excitations in solids from ab-initio many-body perturbation theory (online)
08.04.2020Oliver Busch, Zwischenvortrag zur Masterarbeit (online)
Winter semester 2019/20
04. 03. 2020DPG rehearsals
26. 02. 2020DPG rehearsals
12. 02. 2020Robin Neumann, Zwischenvortrag zur Masterarbeit
05. 02. 2020James Taylor, Noncollinear antiferromagnets for topological spintronics
29. 01. 2020Franziska Töpler, Modelling ultrafast spin dynamics
22. 01. 2020Paolo Sessi, Visualizing topological states of matter at the atomic scale
16. 01. 2020
(special date)
Francisco Muñoz, Topological insulator superlattices
08. 01. 2020Jürgen Henk, Plain-text productivity
18. 12. 2019Annika Johansson, Higher-order topological insulators
11. 12. 2019Till Hanke, Introduction to Git
05. 12. 2019
(special date)
Franz Fischer and Oliver Busch, Presentation of the "Orientierungspraktikum"
28. 11. 2019
(special date)
Börge Göbel, Emergent electrodynamics in non-collinear spin textures
20. 11. 2019Till Hanke and Jürgen Henk, IT & Tools
13. 11. 2019Thorsten Aull, Ab-initio design of quaternary Heusler compounds for reconfigurable magnetic tunnel diodes and transistors
06. 11. 2019Georg Woltersdorf
30. 10. 2019
(16:00 at MPI)
Manuel Bibes, Perovskite oxide materials for electronics and spintronics
23. 10. 2019Alexey Melnikov, Optical generation of femtosecond spin-current pulses and terahertz standing spin waves in metallic multilayers
Summer Semester 2019 & Winter Semester 2018/19
10. 7. 2019Robin Neumann, Spin current vorticities and magnetic spin Hall effect
3. 7. 2019Jorge Facio, Insights from Hall physics in topological materials
19. 6. 2019BA-Vorträge (Dorothea Kutschabsky, Lukas Volkmer)
22. 5. 2019DPG-Nachbesprechung - Teil 2
15. 5. 2019DPG-Nachbesprechung
8. 5. 2019Börge Göbel, Going beyond skyrmions
30. 1. 2019Somit Gosh, Non-equilibrium transport in topologically non-trivial systems: Application to spin-orbit torque
23. 1. 2019Tomáš Rauch, Geometric and nongeometric contributions to the surface anomalous Hall conductivity
9. 1. 2019Jakub Železný, Spin currents in antiferromagnets (joint group seminar and IMPRS tutorial)
5. 12. 2018Anna Dyrdal, Current-induced spin polarization and Hall effects in 2D systems with spin-orbit interaction
28. 11. 2018Jürgen Henk, Perceptrons & neural networks. A very few basics