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Quantum Theory of the Solid State

09/04/2021: American Physical Society honors Jürgen Henk

The American Physical Society (APS) has named PD Dr. Jürgen Henk from the Institute of Physics at MLU an "Outstanding Referee". In doing so, the professional association honors the physicist's volunteer work as a reviewer for the society's scientific journals. He has been involved as a reviewer for the journals of the APS and other journals for 25 years.

Before a scientific study is published in a scientific journal, it goes through the peer review process: Independent researchers review the manuscript, provide suggestions for improvement, and ultimately evaluate whether the study should appear in the respective journal. Around the world, many scientists take on these tasks in addition to their actual jobs - unpaid. Jürgen Henk, a solid-state physicist from Halle, is one of them. "On average, I review one manuscript a month for the APS alone," he says. In addition, there are other reviews for other journals.

Group Photo (February 26, 2015, photo: Martin Hölzer)

Group Photo (February 26, 2015, photo: Martin Hölzer)

Group Photo (February 26, 2015, photo: Martin Hölzer)