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Institute of Physics - NMR group

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Betty-Heimann-Str. 7
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In our group, we address fundamental questions in soft-matter science, comprising the areas of polymer physics, liquid crystal science, and also biophysics. Our main method is solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (SS NMR), where we are particularly active in developing the suitable methods, yet we also use many standard (spectroscopy) techniques such as optical spectroscopy, DSC, rheology, light and x-ray scattering, some of them in collaboration with other groups.

Current activities evolve around elastomer (rubber) science, comprising chain dynamics, structural aspects (inhomogeneities), and thermodynamic swelling behavior, with particular focus on changes upon filling with nanometric particles. Other projects are concerned with entangled melt rheology, confinement effects on chain dynamics, liquid crystals and lipid membrane/guest interactions, and finally the dynamics of biological (macro)molecules.

Solid-State NMR methodology

heteronuclear correlation experiment

heteronuclear correlation experiment

Prof. Dr. Kay Saalwächter:

  • magic-angle spinning (MAS) methods: dipolar couplings and internuclear distance.
  • multiple-quantum spectroscopy.
  • exchange spectroscopy.
  • pulsed field-gradient NMR diffusometry.

Polymer Physics

nanocomposite elastomer

nanocomposite elastomer

Prof. Dr. Kay Saalwächter:

  • polymer networks: structure, dynamics, and swelling.
  • polymer crystallization: kinetics and molecular origin.
  • dynamics and order in confined media.
  • hydrogen bonds and supramolecular structure in polymers.

Liquid Crystals and Oriented Media

schematic SmA and SmC phases

schematic SmA and SmC phases

Prof. Dr. Kay Saalwächter

  • phase structure and dynamics in liquid crystals and dendrimers.

Dr. Günter Hempel

  • NMR of banana-shaped liquid crystals.
  • pressure-induced relaxation in phospholipids.