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Publikationsliste von Prof. Ralf Wehrspohn

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Researcher ID Logo

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Auswahl aktueller Publikationen

  1. R. B. Wehrspohn, J. Üpping:
    3D photonic crystal for photon management in solar cells,
    J. Opt. 14 (2012) 024003.
  2. M. Otto,  M. Kroll, T. Käsebier, R. Salzer, A. Tünnermann, and R. B. Wehrspohn:
    Extremely low surface recombination velocities in black silicon passivated by atomic layer deposition,
    Phys. Lett. 100 (2012) 191603.
  3. R. B. Wehrspohn, S. L. Schweizer, B. Gesemann, D. Pergande, T. M. Geppert, S. Moretton, A. Lambrecht:
    Macroporous silicon and its application in sensing,
    C.R. Chimie
    16 (2013) 51-57.
  4. A. N. Sprafke, D. Schneevoigt, S. Seidel, S. L. Schweizer, R. B. Wehrspohn:
    Automated spray coating process for the fabrication of large-area artificial opals on textured substrates,
    Opt. Expr. 21 (2013) A528-A538.
  5. J. Ziegler, M. Otto, A. N. Sprafke, R. B. Wehrspohn:
    Activation of Al2O3 passivation layers on silicon by microwave annealing,
    Appl. Phys. A 113 (2013) 285-290.
  6. X. Li , Y. Xiao, J. H. Bang, D. Lausch, S. Meyer, P.-T. Miclea, J.-Y. Jung, S. L. Schweizer, J.-H. Lee, and R. B. Wehrspohn:
    Upgraded Silicon Nanowires by Metal-Assisted Etching of Metallurgical Silicon: A New Route to Nanostructured Solar-Grade Silicon,
    Adv. Mater. 25 (2013) 3187-91.

Aktuelle Buchprojekte

Titelbild "Mechanical Stress on the Nanoscale"

Titelbild "Mechanical Stress on the Nanoscale"

Mechanical Stress on the Nanoscale:

Simulation, Material Systems and Characterization Techniques

ISBN 978-3-527-41066-8

2011 Wiley-VCH Verlag & Co. KGaA

Photonmanagement in Solar Cells

ISBN: 978-3-527-41175-7

2015 Wiley-VCH

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