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Mittwoch, 12:30 Uhr, Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, Raum 1.02

Wintersemester 2017/2018

16. 5. 2018Oliver Busch, Einfluss der toroidalen Ordnung auf die Leitfähigkeit und die magnetoelektrische Kopplung
Special date and time: 22. 2. 2018, 14:00Ersoy Şaşıoğlu, Two-dimensional materials for nano-electronics and new device

Christian Herschbach, Optimizing the spin Hall angle in ultrathin metallic films

31. 1. 2018Jungwoo Koo, Noncollinear antiferromagnet Mn3X (Ga, Ge and Sn) system for spintronic applications

Samer Kurdi, The growth and structural characterization of non-collinear antiferromagnetic Mn3X (X = Ga, Sn, Ge) thin films using high-resolution X-ray diffraction

17. 1. 2018Florian Rittweger, Influence of the electron-phonon interaction on electronic transport in metals
20. 12. 2017Mikhail Otrokov, Highly-ordered wide bandgap materials for quantized anomalous
Hall and magnetoelectric effects
13. 12. 2017Albert Hönemann, Current-induced spin torques - an introduction
8. 11. 2017Börge Göbel, Antiferromagnetic skyrmion crystals: generation and topological spin Hall effect
25. 10. 2017Nicki F. Hinsche, Transport properties in 2D materials - part 2
18. 10. 2017Nicki F. Hinsche, Transport properties in 2D materials
t.b.a.Alexander Mook, From spin dynamics simulations to transverse magnon transport coefficients
t.b.a.Angelika Chassé, X-ray magnetic circular dichroism

Sommersemester 2017

19. 4. 2017Franziska Toepler, Methoden zur Berechnung thermoelektrischer Transportgrößen (Vortrag zum Orientierungspraktikum)
26. 4. 2017Pavel Středa (Czech Academy of
Sciences), Anomalous Hall effect and topological phase transitions
3. 5 .2017Jürgen Henk, Retrieving the initial-state spin polarisation from spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: W(110) as a case study
14. 6. 2017Jian Li (Westlake Institute for Advanced Study), Spin diagnostics for Majorana zero modes in a Yu-Shiba-Rusinov chain
Special date and place: 27. 6. 2017, 12:30h in room VSP 1 1.03Luisa Osadebamwen & Jonathan Hege, Bachelor-Vorträge
28. 6. 2017Hardy Gross (Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle), The molecular Berry phase within and beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
Special date and place: 13. 7. 2017, 12:30h in room VSP 1 1.03Alexey A. Kovalev (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA), Magnon-mediated spin Nernst effect and pumping of spin current in a collinear antiferromagnet

Wintersemester 2016/2017

12. 10. 2016Annika Johansson, Chiral anomaly
19. 10. 2016Alexander Mook, 3D topological magnon matter: Weyl points and nodal lines
26. 10. 2016Igor Maznichenko, 2DEG and 2DHG formation in LAO/STO heterostuctures
25. 1. 2017Cosimo Gorini (University Regensburg), Spin-orbit coupling in a dynamical environment: phonon skew scattering and spin pumping
1. 3. 2017, 10:00Rehearsals - DPG Spring Meeting
2. 3. 2017, 10:00Johannes Diepholz, Untersuchung des EXAFS-Spektrums von Permalloy (Vortrag zum Orientierungspraktikum)

Sommersemester 2016

30. 3. 2016Börge Göbel, Skyrmions in a frustrated classical Heisenberg modelAG
13. 4. 2016Jürgen Henk, U(1) gauge theoryAG
20. 4. 2016Jürgen Henk, Classical Yang-Mills theoryAG
11. 5. 2016Dmitry Fedorov, The physics behind gauge theory - an informal conversationAG
18. 5. 2016Albert Hönemann, Vortrag zur MasterarbeitAG
1. 6. 2016Annika Johansson, Chiral anomalyAG
22. 6. 2016Julia Weiner und Thorsten Aull, Vorträge zu Bachelor-ArbeitenAG
29. 6. 2016Robin Kamrla, Spin-orbit fields (Vortrag zum Orientierungspraktikum)AG
Do., 1. 9. 2016Suichi Murakami, Interplay between symmetry and topology in topological semimetalsAG
Do., 8. 9. 2016 13:00Ersoy Sasioglu, Parameter-free constrained random-phase approximation: Applications to low-dimensional materialsAG
Di., 27. 9. 2016Börge Göbel, Topologische Eigenschaften von SkyrmionenAG

Wintersemester 2015/2016

7. 10. 2015Dmitry Fedorov, Problems of spin in the relativistic theory - part 2AG
21. 10. 2015Christian Herschbach, Optimization and modeling of the spin Hall effect in dilute alloysAG
4. 11. 2015Tomáš Rauch, Spin-orbit fieldsAG
11. 11. 2015Alberto Marmodoro, Constraints and choices in approximated Green's
function construction for real materials; experimenting towards the magnonic
18. 11. 2015Jürgen Kirschner, Spin-polarized low-energy electron diffractionAG
18. 11. 2015; special time: 16:15Annika Johansson, Vortrag zur MasterarbeitAG
7. 12. 2015; special time: 18:30
special venue: Gustav Mie lecture hall
Ingrid Mertig, Weihnachtsvorlesung: Topologie in WEIHNACHTEN
16. 12. 2015Albert Hoenemann, Material analysis of the spin and anomalous Hall efffect in dilute magnetic alloysAG
27. 1. 2016Börge Göbel, Vortrag zum OrientierungspraktikumAG
3. 2. 2015Steffen Trimper, Mesoscopic spin systemsAG

Sommersemester 2015

1. 4. 2015Maia García Vergniory, Topological crystalline insulator in a new Bi insulating phaseAG
8. 4. 2015Ingrid Mertig, Basic nonrelativistic theory of spins - part 1AG
15. 4. 2015, special time: 16:15Ingrid Mertig, Basic nonrelativistic theory of spins - part 2AG
22. 4. 2015Katarina Tauber, Basic relativistic theory of spins - Dirac equationAG
29. 4. 2015Florian Rittweger, Basic relativistic theory of spins - Dirac and Pauli matricesAG
6. 5. 2015Albert Hoenemann, Basic relativistic theory of spins - central fieldsAG
13. 5. 2015Steven Achilles, Geometric algebra and relativistic electrons - part 1AG
20. 5. 2015Steven Achilles, Geometric algebra and relativistic electrons - part 2AG
10. 6. 2015Annika Johansson, General theory of spinors - part 1AG
17. 6. 2015Bachelor-Vorträge, Topologische Isolatoren und Weyl-Semimetalle
24. 6. 2015Bachelor-Vorträge, Transport
1. 7. 2015Steven Achilles, Geometric algebra and relativistic electrons - part 3AG
8. 7. 2015Annika Johansson, General theory of spinors - part 2AG
15. 7. 2015Dmitry Fedorov, Problems of spin in the relativistic theoryAG

Wintersemester 2014/2015

01. 10. 14Stefan Förster, Everything you always wanted to know about a
oxide, but were afraid to ask
Special date: 16. 10. 14, 16:30Wolfgang Schattke, Total energy via quantum Monte Carlo for simple aggregates of Li atomsAG
29. 10. 14Jürgen Henk, Ambiguity of experimental spin information from states with mixed orbital symmetriesAG
05. 11. 14Vladislav Borisov, Introduction to Landau level spectroscopyAG
26. 11. 14Alexander Mook, SkyrmionsAG
17. 12. 14Christian Back, Magnetic pattern formation and fluctuations in a magnetic model systemAG
Special date: 18. 12. 14, 14:15: special place: VSP 1 0.03Vladislav Borisov, Multiferroic interfaces of mixed valency systems studied from first principlesAG
14. 01. 15Tomáš Rauch, Topological properties of HgTe and HgSAG
21. 01. 15Florian Rittweger, Inelastic transport, electron-phonon scattering and Boltzmann equationAG
Special date: 22. 01. 15, 14:15: special place: VSP 1 0.03Nicki F. Hinsche, Phonon-phonon scatteringAG
04. 02. 15Katarina Tauber, Enhancement of the anomalous Hall effect in ternary alloysAG

Sommersemester 2014

09. 04. 14Danny Thonig, Magnetization dynamics and magnetic ground state properties from first principlesAG
30. 04. 14Georg Woltersdorf, Inverse and direct spin Hall effect in magnetic multilayersAG
Special date: 06. 05. 14 14:00Olle Eriksson, Correlated electronic structure of transition metal oxides and
diluted magnetic semiconductors: a DMFT investigation
07. 05. 14Georg K. H. Madsen, Good vibrations. Insights into the thermoelectric transport
properties from Boltzmann transport theory
14. 05. 14Binghai Yan, Designing a topological insulator material with a large energy gapAG
Special date and place: 04. 06. 14, 13:30 in VSP 1 5.10Ewelina Hankiewicz, Spin helical transport in normal and superconducting topological insulatorsAG
25. 06. 14Alexander Mook, Magnon Hall effect on kagome lattices: Theory for topological
magnon insulators; Tomáš Rauch, Nontrivial interface states confined between
two topological insulators (NTTI rehearsals)
02. 07. 14Lukas Bergmann, Elektronische Struktur von Quasikristallen (Bachelorpräsentation)AG
Special date: 03. 07. 14 17:15Falko Pientka, Majorana particles in solid state systemsAG
16. 07. 14Cheol-Hwan Park, Intrinsic electrical resistivity of grapheneAG

Wintersemester 2013/2014

05.09.13Sebastian Schenk, Thermoelectric properties (Vortrag zum Orientierungspraktikum)AG
09.10.13Vladislav Borisov, Polar discontinuities at oxide interfacesAG
16.10.13Igor Maznichenko, Introduction to Group Theory - Point and Space GroupsAG
23.10.13Alexander Mook, Vortrag zur Masterarbeit "Magnon-Hall-Effekt"AG
30.10.13Dmitry Fedorov, Introduction to Group Theory - Time-reversal SymmetryAG
06.11.13Guang-Yu Guo, Band Theoretical Studies of the Anomalous Hall Effect in
Spintronics and Graphene-like Materials
13.11.13TomᚠRauch, Topological insulators and the Dirac equationAG
20.11.13Danny Thonig, Introduction to Group Theory - Double and Magnetic GroupsAG
27.11.13Nicki F. Hinsche, Introduction to Group Theory - ApplicationsAG
Special date: 29.11.13, 10:15Qian Niu, Angular momentum of phononsAG
04.12.13Josef Kudrnovský, Theory of complex transport in magnetic metals and alloysAG
11.12.13Danny Thonig, Gilbert damping: non-locality and anisotropyAG
15.01.14Sebastian Wenz, Das Higgs-Boson im Standardmodell der ElementarteilchenphysikAG
22.01.14Wolfram Hergert, Generation of TB-Hamitonians by means of group theory and MathematicaAG
29.01.14Markus Flieger, Introduction to Group Theory - Degeneracy in the particle-in-a-box problemAG

Sommersemester 2013

10.04.2013Martin Hoffmann, Introduction to Group Theory - Discrete SymmetriesAG
17.04.2013Alexander Mook, Vortrag zur Master-Arbeit "Magnon-Hall-Effekt"AG
24.04.2013Stefan Thomas, Vortrag zur Masterarbeit "Symmetrieeigenschaften und
Optimierung photonischer und plasmonischer Nanostrukturen"
Special date! Thursday, 16.05.2013Nicki F. Hinsche, Thermoelectric transport in semiconducting heterostructuresAG
22.05.2013Steven Achilles, Introduction to Group Theory - Continuous SymmetriesAG
29.05.2013Markus Flieger, Introduction to Group Theory - Fundamental propertiesAG
05.06.2013Rudolf Zeller (FZ Jülich), Precise density-functional calculations for thousands of atomsAG
11.06.2013Martin Hölzer, The physics of the plasma sphereLit
12.06.2013Shreekantha Sil, Impact of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction on the
charge and spin transport in mesoscopic rings
19.06.2013Bachelor-Vorträge - Teil 1AG
26.06.2013Bachelor-Vorträge - Teil 2AG
03.07.2013Matthias Geilhufe, Introduction to Group Theory - Representation TheoryAG
17.07.2013Christian Herschbach, Introduction to Group Theory - Translation GroupAG

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