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2nd PhD Workshop Wittenberg 10./11.09.2009

Topic: "Magnetic properties of oxidic and multiferroic systems"

This workshop is a joint event between the "International Max Planck Research School for Science and Technology of Nanostructures"    and the SFB 762 taking place from 10th to 11th of September 2009 at the Leucorea in Wittenberg. It is intended especially for PhD students and postdocs. In a preliminary time schedule three sessions are planned, each consisting of one survey lecture given by an experienced scientist (30min talk + 10min discussion) and several contributed talks presented by the PhD students (15min talk + 10 min discussion). The central topic of this workshop will be "Magnetic properties of oxidic and multiferroic systems". Within the workshop there will also be a poster session and a "non-scientific" part in term of a guided tour through Wittenberg.

The schedule and list of posters can be found under 'Documents/Dokumente' on the right-hand side.

Advice for participants:

The SFB logo as well as templates for powerpoint presentations and posters can be found following the link in the green box on the right-hand side!

Posters may be prepared in portrait as well as in landscape format.

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Group photo with all workshop participants

Group photo with all workshop participants

Group photo with all workshop participants

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