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International Workshop on
“Recent Developments in Surface and Interface Science” (07. Juni 2016)

on the Occasion of the 80th Birthday of Henning Neddermeyer

10:15Jürgen Kirschner
MPI für Mikrostrukturphysik Halle
(HN) and the development of Surface Science
10:55Margrit Hanbücken
CINaM, Marseille and C’Nano PACA
Nanostructures for controlled functionalisation
11:25Coffee break
11:40Hans-Joachim Freund
Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin
Scanning Probe Investigations on Model Catalysts: Henning Neddermeyer's Legacy from our time in Bochum
12:20Stefan Förster
MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Quasicrystals in 2D oxide thin films
12:40Lunch break
14:00Ingrid Mertig
MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Transversal transport coefficients and topological properties
14:30Takanori Koshikawa
Osaka Electro Communication University
Magnetic Property of Ferromagnetic Material Multi-layer with Spin-polarized SPLEEM and XMCD
15:00Thomas Berghaus
NanoScore GmbH
STM and the Eighties
15:20Coffee break
15:50Klaus Wandelt
Uni Bonn
Processes at copper-electrolyte
interfaces: An atomic view
16:20Stephan Hildebrandt
Wiley-VCH Berlin
From Halle to Berlin: Scientific publishing then, now and tomorrow
16:40Karl-Michael Schindler
MLU Halle-Wittenberg
X-ray Absorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Perovskite Surfaces
17:00Celebration of (HN)80:
Discussion on 50 Years of Surface and Interface Science with Wine, Beer, and Buffett with Support from SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, NanoScore GmbH, and WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH.

Attendance is free-of-charge, but an online registration is requested under:

Organizers: Margrit Hanbücken, Wolf Widdra

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