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Publikationen 2018

  1. W. Hergert, M. Geilhufe, Group Theory in Solid State Physics- Problem Solving with Mathematica, Wiley, 2018.
  2. Y.A. Eremin, Th. Wriedt, W. Hergert, Analysis of the scattering properties of 3D non-spherical plasmonic nanoparticles accounting for non-local effects, Journal of Modern Optics, 65:15, 1778-1786 (2018).
  3. M. Hoffmann , V.N. Antonov , L.V. Bekenov , K. Kokko, W.  Hergert, A. Ernst, Variation of magnetic properties of Sr2FeMoO6 due to oxygen vacancies, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30, 305801, (2018).
  4. W.A. Adeagbo, M. Hoffmann, A. Ernst, W. Hergert, M. Saloaro, P. Paturi, K. Kokko, Tuning the probability of defect formation via substrate strains in Sr2FeMoO6 films, Phys. Rev. Mat. 2, 083604 (2018).
  5. R.M. Geilhufe, W. Hergert, GTPAck: A Mathematica group theory package for application in solid-state physics and photonics, Frontiers in Physics, 6, 86 (2018), arXiv:1807.01245   
  6. H. ben Hamed, M. Hoffmann, W.A Adeagbo, A. Ernst, W. Hergert, T. Hynninen, K. Kokko, P. Paturi, First principles investigations of the magnetic phase diagram of Gd1-xCaxMnO3, submitted to Phys. Rev. B, arXiv:1810.08501   

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