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Publikationen 2011

  1. G. Fischer, N. Sanchez, W. Adeagbo, M.Lüders, Z. Szotek, W. M. Temmerman, A. Ernst, W. Hergert, and M. CarmenMunoz, {\emRoom-temperature p-induced surface ferromagnetism: First-principlesstudy},Phys. Rev. B {\bf 84}, 205306 (2011)
  2. A. Dhaka, D. Sander, H. L. Meyerheim, K. Mohseni, E. Soyka, J. Kirschner, W. A. Adeagbo, G. Fischer, A. Ernst, and W. Hergert, {\em Stress and structure at the NiO/Ag(001) interface}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 84}, 195441 (2011)
  3. M. M. Otrokov, A. Ernst, V. V. Tugushev,  S. Ostanin, P. Buczek,  L. M. Sandratskii,  G. Fischer,  W. Hergert, I. Mertig, V. M. Kuznetsov,  and E. V. Chulkov, {\em Ab initio study of the magnetic ordering in Si/Mn digital alloys}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 84}, 144431 (2011)
  4. L. V. Bekenov, V. N. Antonov, S. Ostanin, A. N. Yaresko, I. V. Maznichenko, W. Hergert, I. Mertig, and A. Ernst, {\em Electronic and magnetic properties of (Zn$_{1-x}$V$_{x}$)O diluted magnetic semiconductors elucidated from x-ray magnetic circular dichroism at V L$_{2,3}$ edges and first-principles calculations}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 84}, 134421 (2011)
  5. W. A. Adeagbo, G. Fischer, and W. Hergert, {\em First-principles investigations of electronic and magnetic properties of SrTiO$_3$ (001) surfaces with adsorbed ethanol and acetone molecules}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 83}, 195428 (2011)

\item M. M. Otrokov, A. Ernst, S. Ostanin, G. Fischer, P. Buczek, L. M. Sandratskii, W. Hergert, I. Mertig, V. M. Kuznetsov, and E. V. Chulkov, {\em Intralayer magnetic ordering in Ge/Mn digital alloys}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 83}, 155203 (2011)
\item N. N. Negulyaev, V. S. Stepanyuk, W. Hergert, and J. Kirschner, {\em Electric Field as a Switching Tool for Magnetic States in Atomic-Scale Nanostructures}, Phys. Rev. Lett.  {\bf 106}, 037202 (2011)
\item Karamehmedovic, Mirza; Schuh, Roman; Schmidt, Vladimir; Wriedt, Thomas; Matyssek, Christian; Hergert, Wolfram; Stalmashonak, Andrei; Seifert, Gerhard; Stranik, Ondrej, {\em Comparison of numerical methods in near-field computation for metallic nanoparticles}, Optics Express, {\bf 19 Issue}, 8939 (2011)
\item Felix von Cube, Stephan Irsen, Jens Niegemann, Christian Matyssek, Wolfram Hergert, Kurt Busch, and Stefan Linden, {\em Spatio-spectral characterization of photonic meta-atoms with electron energy-loss spectroscopy} Optical Materials Express {\bf 1}, 1009 (2011)
\item Christian Matyssek, Jens Niegemann, Wolfram Hergert, Kurt Busch, {\em Computing electron energy loss spectra with the Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain method}, Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications {\bf 9}, 367 (2011)

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