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Publikationen 2012

  • Analytical solution of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations in linear regime at an AC applied voltage
    Anatoly Golovnev, Steffen Trimper

    Phys Lett 376 (16), 1391 (2012)   
  • Multiferroic behavior of BTO-nanoparticles,
    Steffen Trimper, Safa Golrokh Bahoosh, and Julia M. Wesselinowa
    in Magnetic Particle Imaging, SPPHY 140, pp. 273-277
    Eds.: T. M. Buzug and J. Borgert
    Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg 2012
  • Temperature gradient assisted magnetodynamics
    Thomas Bose, Steffen Trimper
    Phys. Lett. A online:    cond-mat arXiv: 1112.5562 (December 26 2011)PLA 376 (45) 3386-3391 (2012)
  • The magnetoelectric effect and double perovskite structure
    Safa Golrokh Bahoosh, Julia M Wesselinowa, and Steffen Trimper   

    phys. stat. sol. b 249, No.8, 1602-1606 (2012)
  • Nonlocal feedback in ferromagnetic resonance
    Thomas Bose, Steffen Trimper
    Phys Rev B 85, 214412 (2012) online 12 June 2012

  • Critical behavior of multiferroic hexagonal RMnO3
    Safa Golrokh Bahoosh and J. M. Wesselinowa
    Physica Status Solidi B 249, 227 (2012)
  • Ion doping effects in multiferroic MNWO4
    Safa Golrokh Bahoosh and J. M. Wesselinowa
    J. Applied Physics 111, 083306 (2012)

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