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  • Weighted scale-free networks with stochastic weight assignments
    Dafang Zheng, Steffen Trimper, Bo Zheng, M. P. Hui
    Phys. Rev. E 67 (Rapid Communication), 040102(R) (2003)
  • Feedback coupling in dynamical systems
    Steffen Trimper,  Knud  Zabrocki
    In: Proceedings of Spie 5114, p. 268-277 (2003)
    Noise in complex systems and stochastic dynamics
  • Layer polarizations and dielectric susceptibilties of antiferroelectric thin films
    J. M. Wesselinowa, S. Trimper
    Int. J. Mod. Physics B Letters
    17, 1343 (2003)
  • Feedback coupling and chemical reactions
    Steffen Trimper, Knud Zabrocki
    Proceedings “Slow Dynamics in Complex systems” Sendai, 2003, p. 410

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