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  • Diffusion and correlation in a coherent representation
    H. Partzlaff, S. Sandow, S. Trimper
    Zeit. f. Physik  95, 357 (1994)
  • Dynamic spin and charge susceptibilities in the t- J model
    M. Deeg, H. Fehske, S. Körner, S. Trimper, D. Ihle
    Zeit. f. Physik  95, 87 (1994)
  • Perturbative approach to an A+B -> C reaction- diffusion system
    D. Conrad, S. Trimper
    Zeit. f. Physik  98, 137 (1994)
  • Analytical approach to the forest- fire model
    H. Patzlaff, S. Trimper
    Phys. Lett. A 189, 187 (1994)

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