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Fachschaftsrat Physik

phone: 0345 - 55 25515

room E.07.0
Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3
06120 Halle (Saale)

Direkt im Hauptgebäude des Physikinstitutes am Haupteingang

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We invite you to the summer party of physicists. It stays at 4 p.m. of the sport field Ziegelwiese.
We look forward to seeing you

University elections 2021

Arno Grabolle, hastuzeit

Arno Grabolle, hastuzeit

Arno Grabolle, hastuzeit

  • The  comittees you can vote for are the FSR, the StuRa, the Fakultätsrat and  the Senat. You cand find information on what they do and on the voting  system in last year's hastuzeit article Vote What You Will   .
  • If  you have problems understanding how to vote or you don't understand the  German info sites on the election you might want to contact the StuRa office for international students.
  • The elections for university committees determine who represents your needs and wishes. Students' voices in university politics are important and therefore your voice in the elections is important. You can help student representatives take part in decisions and establish structures of support for you and other students.

FSR meetings

International students

This webpage is mainly in German because most of the courses we represent are in German (e.g. Physik Lehramt, bachelor and master Physik, Medizinphysik). If you are taking one of these courses and are struggling with German or you are taking the master course of Polymer Material Sciences, we still feel responsible representing you as a student at the institute of physics.

You can always contact us if you have questions concerning the only German parts of this website. Or if you need some information and you are not sure where to find it / who to ask for it. For many problems you might also get help from the StuRa department for international students.


Es geht ein Licht auf.

Es geht ein Licht auf.

There are lockers for everybody's use in the recreation room in VDP 3.

It's situated opposite seminar room 1.04.

FSR events

You will find an overview of the events to come in the segment fixed dates.

To stay up to date you can also join the studip course Fachschaft Physik.