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Research Internship

Classical Physics as a Limit of Quantum Mechanics

The aim of this work was to analyze the quantum-mechanical time development of a wave packet in different simple potentials.  In special we tried  to find the the quasi classical behavior of the system and of the expectations values as limit from the quantum-mechanical description. This is possible, since classical physics must be contained as a limit in quantum mechanics.

The potentials were the one dimensional harmonic oscillator, the infinitely deep potential well and in the lecture is also a first attempt for the potential of the hydrogen atom. The used methods were analytic mathematics, formula manipulation and visualization with Mathematica and numeric integration and programming with FORTRAN.

Research Internship (German)
FoPrakt_Gradhand.pdf (411.2 KB)  vom 08.02.2010

Presentation of the Research Internship (German)
FoPraktVortrag_Gradhand.pdf (1.2 MB)  vom 08.02.2010