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Diploma Thesis

Tunnel magneto-resistance (TMR) with amorphous electrodes

The tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) effect measured in junctions consisting of an insulator between two ferromagnets have a variety of applications like read heads in hard disks and magnetic random access memory (MRAM). The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of structural disorder on the tunneling magnetoresistance in systems from Fe/MgO/Fe. The finite thickness of the magnetic iron was also considered.

The numerical methods, which were used, are a Monte Carlo algorithm for the structural simulations, the ab initio Kohn, Korringa and Rostoker method for the computation of the electronic structure and the conductivity calculations with the method of Baranger and Stone.

It could be shown that structural disorder reduces the TMR effect drastically, but two additional mono layer of crystalline iron are sufficient, in order to receive the TMR effect of an ideally crystalline system.

Diploma Thesis (German)
Diplomarbeit_Gradhand.pdf (1.4 MB)  vom 08.02.2010

Presentation of the Diploma Thesis
Diplomvortrag_Gradhand.pdf (2.1 MB)  vom 08.02.2010