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Research Internship

Tunnelling Through Arbitrary Potentials

The aim of this work was to describe the tunnel process in a 1D model. The Tunnelling process is the possibility of electrons/particles to transmit through a potential barrier on which they would be reflected in the classical case. The transmission can be described thereby in quantum-mechanical senses with the transmission probability. This was calculated for rectangular, trapezoidal and also for selected arbitrary potential barriers.

The solution for the first two potentials mentioned took place analytically whereas for the arbitrary potentials a numeric procedure (transfer matrix method) was developed. Thereby the influence of the potential barrier on the transmission probability could be investigated. By the use of the results for the trapezoidal barrier the z (V) scanning tunnelling spectroscopy could be described.

Presentation of the Research Internship (German)
FoPrakt_Fechner.pdf (547.2 KB)  vom 08.02.2010