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Dr. Michael Czerner

Michael Czerner

Michael Czerner

Doctoral Thesis: Beiträge zur Theorie des Elektronentransports in Systemen mit nichtkollinearer magnetischer Ordnung (German)

The present thesis deals with the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic nanocontacts. The complex magnetism in these systems is studied using an extension to noncollinear magnetic order and inclusion of spin-orbit coupling by means of the full relativistic Dirac equation in the framework of multi scattering theory. The Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker multiple scattering (KKR) method is used to calculate the electronic structure. The implementation of noncollinear magnetism and the full relativistic description by means if the Dirac equation in the KKR-method is presented in this work. The developed extensions of the KKR-method are used to study the magnetic profile of a domain wall pinned in a monatomic ferromagnetic nanowire. The influence of the magnetic profile on the magnetotransport is investigated. Furthermore the theoretical method is used to simulate a spin-resolved scanning tunnelling microscopy (spin-STM) experiment.

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