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"Coupling of Germanium Quantum Dots with Collective Sub-radiant Modes of Silicon Nanopillar Arrays"
Viktoriia Rutckaia*, Frank Heyroth, Georg Schmidt, Alexey Novikov, Mikhail Shaleev, Roman S. Savelev, Joerg Schilling and Mihail Petrov
ACS Photonics 2021, 8, 1, 209–217   

"Periodic metal resonator chains for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)"
J. Sievers, M. Below, C. Reinhardt, F. Heyroth, S. Schlenker, G. Schmidt, A. Sprafke, J. Schilling
J. Appl. Phys.
130, 223104 (2021)   

"Ascending Si diffusion into growing GaN nanowires from the SiC/Si substrate: up to the solubility limit and beyond"
V. G. Talalaev, J. W. Tomm, S. A. Kukushkin, A. V. Osipov, I. V. Shtrom, K. P. Kotlyar, F. Mahler, J. Schilling, R. R. Reznik and G. E. Cirlin
Nanotechnology, Volume 31, Number 29   



"Ultrafast low-energy all-optical switching"
Viktoriia Rutckaia, Joerg Schilling
Nature Photonics 14(1):4-6. January 2020   



"Quantitative analysis of the interaction between a dc SQUID and an integrated micromechanical doubly clamped cantilever"
Majdi Salman, Georgina M. Klemencic, Soumen Mandal, Scott Manifold, Luqman Mustafa, Oliver A. Williams and Sean R. Giblin, Journal of Applied Physics 125, 224503. 2019   

"Non-resonant dielectric metamaterials"
Alexander Sprafke, Jörg Schilling
In book: Dielectric Metamaterials, pp.249-288, Woodhead Publishing. November 2019   

"Neutron reflectometry studies of Gd/Nb and Cu30Ni70/Nb superlattices"
Y. Khaydukov, E. Kravtsov, R. Morari, D. Lenk, L. Mustafa, G. Kim, M. Trapp, V. Zhaketov, V. Proglyado, V. Zrdavkov,  Y Nikitenko, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, T. Keller, R. Steitz, R Tideks, A. Sidorenko, V. Ustinov, V. Aksenov, B. Keimer,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1389, VII Euro-Asian Symposium "Trends in Magnetism" 8–13 September 2019, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation   

"Emission Kinetics of Surface (Bi)Excitons in ZnO Thin Films"
I. Kh. Akopyan, M. E. Labzovskaya, B. V. Novikov, V. G. Talalaev, Jens Wolfgang Tomm, Joerg Schilling
Physics of the Solid State 61(3):402-407. March 2019   

"Direct Imaging of Isofrequency Contours of Guided Modes in Extremely Anisotropic All-Dielectric Metasurface"
D. Pidgayko, I. Sinev, D. Permyakov, S. Sychev, F. Heyroth, V. Rutckaia, J. Schilling, A. Lavrinenko, A. Bogdanov, A. Samusev
ACS Photonics, 2019, 6 (2), pp 510–515   

"Electronic properties of wurtzite GaAs: A correlated structural, optical and theoretical analysis of the same polytypic GaAs nanowire"
A. Senichev, P. Corfdir, O. Brandt, M. Ramsteiner, S. Breuer, J. Schilling, L. Geelhaar, P. Werner
NANO RESEARCH   Volume: 11   Issue: 9   Pages: 4708-4721   

"Light emission from Ge(Si)/SOI self assembled nanoislands embedded in photonic crystal slabs of various periods with and without cavities"
M.V. Stepikhova, A.V. Novikov, A.N. Yablonskiy, M.V. Shaleev, D.E. Utkin, V. Rutckaia, E.V. Skorokhodov, S.M. Sergeev, D.V. Yurasov, Z.F. Krasilnik
SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY   Volume: 34   Issue: 2     Article Number: 024003   

"Dynamics of Broadband Lasing Cascade from a Single Dot-in-well InGaAs Microdisk"
V. Talalaev, N. Kryzhanovskaya, J.W. Tomm, V. Rutckaia, J. Schilling, A. Zhukov
Scientific Reports, volume 9, Article number: 5635 (2019)   



"Morphology Dependence on Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Using Gold Nanorod Arrays Consisting of Agglomerated Nanoparticles"
Yong-Tae Kim, J. Schilling, S.L. Schweizer, and R.B. Wehrspohn
Plasmonics 12, 203-208 (2017)   

"High density Ag nanobranches decorated with sputtered Au nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy"
Yong-Tae Kim, J. Schilling, S.L. Schweizer, and R.B. Wehrspohn
Applied Surface Science 410, 525 (2017)   

“Metamaterial inspired silicon nanophotonics”
I. Staude und J. Schilling,
Nature Photon. 11, 274–284 (2017).   

“Quantum Dot Emission Driven by Mie Resonances in Silicon Nanostructures”
V. Rutckaia, F. Heyroth, A. Novikov, M. Shaleev, M. Petrov, and J. Schilling
Nano Lett. 17, 6886 (2017)   

“High density Ag nanobranches decorated with sputtered Au nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy”
Yong-Tae Kim, J. Schilling, S. L. Schweizer, R. B.Wehrspohn,
Applied Surface Science 410, 525 (2017)   

“Au coated PS nanopillars as a highly ordered and reproducible SERS substrate”
Yong-Tae Kim, J. Schilling, S.L. Schweizer, G.Sauer and R.B. Wehrspohn,
Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and Applications 25, 65 (2017)   

“Morphology dependence on surface-enhanced Raman scattering using gold nanorod arrays consisting of agglomerated nanoparticles“
Yong-Tae Kim, J. Schilling, S.L. Schweizer and R.B. Wehrspohn,
Plasmonics 12, 203 (2017)   



Supercontinuum Generation in Naturally Occurring Glass Sponges Spicules”
H. Ehrlich, A. R. Parker, Y. N. Kulchin, J. Schilling, B. Köhler, U.Skrzypczak, P. Simon, M. Maldonado,H. M. Reiswig, M. V. Tsurkan, E. Brunner, S. S. Voznesenskiy, A. V. Bezverbny, S. S. Golik, I. G. Nagorny, D. V. Vyalikh, A. A. Makarova, S. L. Molodtsov, K. Kummer, M. Mertig, C. Erler, D. V. Kurek, V.V. Bazhenov, F. Natalio, A. E. Kovalev, S. N. Gorb, A. L. Stelling, J. Heitmann, R. Born, D. C. Meyer, K.R. Tabachnick,
Advanced Optical Materials, 4,  1608 (2016)   

Second order optical nonlinearity in silicon by symmetry breaking“
M. Cazzanelli, J. Schilling
Applied Physics Review 3, 011104 (2016)   

„Localized surface plasmon resonance in the IR regime “
N. Sardana, V. Talalaev, F. Heyroth, G. Schmidt, C. Bohley, A. Sprafke,  J. Schilling,
Opt. Exp. 24, 254-261 (2016)   



"Second order optical nonlinearity in silicon waveguides - inhomogeneous stress and interfaces"
C. Schriever, F. Bianco, M. Cazzanelli, M. Ghulinyan, C. Eisenschmidt, J. de Boor, A. Schmid, J. Heitmann, L. Pavesi, J. Schilling
Advanced Optical Materials 3, 129 (2015)   



“Surface plasmons on ordered and bi-continouous spongy nanoporous gold”
N. Sardana, T. Birr, S. Schlenker, C. Reinhardt, J. Schilling
New Journal of Physics 16, 063053 (2014)   

Regular arrays of Al nanoparticles for plasmonic applications”
M. Schade, B. Fuhrmann, C. Bohley, S. Schlenker, N. Sardana, J. Schilling, H.S. Leipner
Journal of Applied Physics 115,084309 (2014)   



“Enhanced non-radiative recombination in the vicinity of plasma-etched side walls of luminescing Si/Ge-quantum dot structures“
J. Schilling, V. Talalaev, A. Tonkikh, B. Fuhrmann, F. Heyroth, M. Otto
Applied Physics Letters 103, 161106 (2013)   

Pseudomorphic GeSn/Ge(001) quantum wells: Examining indirect band gap bowing
A.A. Tonkikh, C. Eisenschmidt, V.G. Talalaev, N.D. Zakharov, J. Schilling, G. Schmidt and P. Werner
Applied Physics Letters 103, 032106 (2013)   

Tuning of zero group velocity dispersion in infiltrated vertical silicon slot waveguides”
P. W. Nolte, C. Bohley, J. Schilling
Optics Express 21, 1741 (2013)   



“Propagating surface plasmons on nanoporous gold”
N. Sardana, F. Heyroth, and J. Schilling
JOSA B 29 , 1778-1783 (2012)   

“Strained Silicon Photonics”
C. Schriever, C. Bohley, J. Schilling and R. B. Wehrspohn
Materials 5, 889-908 (2012)   



“Designing the quality factor of infiltrate photonic wire slot microcavities”
C. Schriever, C. Bohley, J. Schilling
Optics Express 18, 24, 25217-24 (2010)   

“Experimental determination of the principal dielectric functions in silver nanowire metamaterials”
J. Kanungo, J.Schilling
Applied Physics Letters 97, 021903 (2010)   



“A Superlens for the deep Ultraviolet”
A. Schilling, J. Schilling, C. Reinhardt, B. Chichkov
Applied Physics Letters 95, 121909 (2009).