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Workshop Schedule
schedule.pdf (462.3 KB)  vom 09.02.2018

Workshop Programme
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Workshop Organisation:
Michael Strauch

phone: +49 (0) 345/55 25449
fax: +49 (0) 345/55 299 25449

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Institute of Physics
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
06120 Halle (Saale)

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International Workshop:
Benedictine Abbey of Frauenwörth

The workshop will take place from February 26th until March 2nd, 2018 at the Benedictine Abbey of Frauenwörth    at Frauenchiemsee near Munich, Germany.

Workshop Schedule and Programme

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Workshop Schedule
schedule.pdf (462.3 KB)  vom 09.02.2018

Workshop Programme
programme_online.pdf (2.6 MB)  vom 09.02.2018

Invited speakers (confirmed, last update: Feb 8, 2018)

  • Marin Alexe (University of Warwick, UK)
  • Manuel Bibes (Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, Palaiseau, France)
  • Michael Coey (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Sebastiaan van Dijken (Aalto University, Finland)
  • Hermann Dürr (Stanford University / SLAC, USA)
  • Michael Engel (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
  • Claudia Felser (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany)
  • Manfred Fiebig (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Vincent Fournée (Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France)
  • Sergey D. Ganichev (University of Regensburg, Germany)
  • Marta Gibert (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Sebastian T. B. Gönnenwein (Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  • Harold Y. Hwang (Stanford University, USA)
  • Masashi Kawasaki (RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Japan)
  • Gertjan Koster (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
  • Alois Loidl (University of Augsburg, Germany)
  • Stuart Parkin (Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany)
  • Petriina Paturi (University of Turku, Finland)
  • Shinji Yuasa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan)
  • Shengqiang Zhou (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany)

General information and directions

Advice for participants


Talks are either 20 or 40 minutes (see schedule), in each case including discussion (approx. 5 minutes).


Posters may be prepared either in portrait or in landscape format. The movable walls for the poster presentation will have the following dimensions: Width 118 cm/46.5 in., Height 146 cm/57.5 in (corresponding to size DIN A0).

SFB Logo and Templates

The SFB logo as well as templates for powerpoint presentations and posters can be obtained using the links below.

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