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Bachelor's/Master's Thesis

Bachelor's and Master's theses can be written in the following subject areas in the Photovoltaics Division. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Dr. R. Scheer, , Tel.: 0345 55 25490.

  • Influence of material parameters on the photovoltaic properties of chalcopyrite-based thin-film solar cells. This work includes thin film preparation by physical vapour deposition (PVD), solar cell fabrication (in a team) and characterisation (IV, QE, admittance, TRPL).
  • Investigations into the growth of chalcogenide thin films using angle-dispersive in situ X-ray diffraction. They grow thin absorber layers for solar cells using physical evaporation and determine the transient crystal structures and their properties using in situ XRD in quasi real time.
  • Solar cell characterisation. The properties of solar cells are investigated by imposing non-equilibrium states on the current-voltage-illumination-temperature-frequency (I-V-jg-T-f) measuring station. Physical questions are recombination mechanisms, metastabilities, internal potential distributions, electronic density of states and minority charge carrier collection. The results are also assessed using device simulations.
  • Simulation of the electronic properties of solar cells. The properties of solar cells are simulated using the finite element method on a 1-dimensional to 3-dimensional grid. Models are developed to describe recombination and charge transport. These are used to interpret experimental results.

Occasionally, there is also the possibility of doing a bachelor's or master's thesis with an industrial partner. Please contact us if you are interested.