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Optics Group

Welcome to the web page of the optics and time resolved spectrocopy group

The Optics group focusses on spin dynamics and spin transport on small time and length scales. Most of the experiments involve optical methods. In addition to the time resolved optical methods the samples preparation (growth and nano patterning) of most samples is also performed in our group. Current research topics are for instance the spin Hall effect in metallic multilayers and the electrical control of magnetization dynamics in dielctric/ferromagnet hybrid systems. The goal is an improved understanding of fundamental processes in order to allow the development of novel spintronic devices.

recent publications

Patterning Magnonic Structures via Laser Induced Crystallizationof Yittrium Iron Garnet
A. Del Giacco, F. Maspero, V. Levati, M. Vitali, E. Albisetti, D. Petti, L. Brambilla, V. Polewczyk, G. Vinai, G. Panaccione, R. Silvani, M. Madami, S. Tacchi,
R. Dreyer, St. R. Lake, G. Woltersdorf, G. Schmidt, R. Bertacco
Advanced Functional Materials 2401129 (2024)   

Intrinsic supercurrent non-reciprocity coupled to the crystalstructure of a van der Waals Josephson barrier
J.-K. Kim, K.-R. Jeon, P. K. Sivakumar, J. J., Ch. Koerner, G. Woltersdorf,
St. S. P. Parkin
Nature Communications 15 , 1120 (2024)   

Origin of helicity-dependent photoconductivity in magnetic and nonmagnetic wires
A. Pandey, R. Dreyer, P. Seyidov, C. Koerner, S. Tirpanci, B.K. Hazra
Physical Review B 106, 174420 (2022)   

Laser-induced terahertz spin transport in magnetic nanostructures arises from the same force as ultrafast demagnetization
R. Rouzegar, L. Brandt, L. Nádvorník, D. A. Reiss, A. L. Chekhov, O. Gueckstock, Ch. In, M. Wolf, T. S. Seifert, P. W. Brouwer, G. Woltersdorf, T. Kampfrath
Physical Review B 106, 144427, 58 (2022)   

Ultrafast spin transport and control of spin current pulse shape in metallic multilayers
A. Melnikov, L. Brandt, N. Liebing, M. Ribow, I. Mertig, G. Woltersdorf
Physical Review B 106, 104417, 5 (2022)   

Imaging and phase-locking of non-linear spin waves
R. Dreyer, A.F. Schäffer, H.G. Bauer, N. Liebing, J. Berakdar, G. Woltersdorf
Nature Communications 13, 4939, 3 (2022)   

Atomic Scale Control of Spin Current Transmission at Interfaces
M.A. Wahada, E. Şaşıoğlu, W. Hoppe, X. Zhou, H. Deniz, R. Rouzegar,
T. Kampfrath, I. Mertig, St. Parkin, G. Woltersdorf
Nano Lett. 9, 3 (2022)   

Frequency multiplication by collective nanoscale spin-wave dynamics  
Ch. Körner, R. Dreyer, M. Wagener, N. Liebing, H.G. Bauer, G. Woltersdorf
Science 375, 1165-1169 (2022)   

Lost magnetism pinned on atomic rotations
G. Woltersdorf
Nature 602, 36-38 (2022)   

Crystallographic  dependence of the spin Hall angle in epitaxial Pt films: Comparison of  optical and electrical detection of spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance  techniques
B. Grover, B.K. Hazra, T.P. Ma, B. Pal, N. Bernstein, A. Rothschild,
Srivastava, S. Choudhury, G. Woltersdorf, A. Capua, SSP. Parkin
Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 172406 (2022)   

Plasmonic spin-Hall effect of propagating surface plasmon polaritons in Ni80Fe20 microstructures
M. Paleschke, CT. Chiang, L. Brandt, N. Liebing, G. Woltersdorf, W. Widdra
New Journal of Physics 23, 093006 (2021)   

Effective exchange interaction for terahertz spin waves in iron layers
L. Brandt, U. Ritzmann, N. Liebing, M. Ribow, I. Razdolski, P. Brouwer, A. Melnikov, and G. Woltersdorf
Phys. Rev. B 104, 094415 (2021)   

Modulating the polarization of broadband terahertz pulses from a spintronic emitter at rates up to 10 kHz
O. Gueckstock, L. Nadvornik, TS. Seifert, M. Borchert, G. Jakob, G. Schmidt, G. Woltersdorf, M. Klaeui, M. Wolf, T. Kampfrath
Optica 8, 1013-1019 (2021)   

On-Chip Generation of Ultrafast Current Pulses by Nanolayered Spintronic Terahertz Emitters
W. Hoppe, J. Weber, S. Tirpanci, O. Gueckstock, T. Kampfrath, G. Woltersdorf
ACS Applied Nano Materials 4, 7454-7460 (2021)   

Spin-wave localization and guiding by magnon band structure engineering in yttrium iron garnet
R. Dreyer, N. Liebing, E.R.J. Edwards, A. Mueller, G. Woltersdorf
Phys. Rev. Materials 5, 064411 (2021)   

Electric-Field Control of Propagating Spin Waves by Ferroelectric Domain-Wall Motion in a Multiferroic Heterostructure
HJ. Qin, R. Dreyer, G. Woltersdorf, T. Taniyama, S. van Dijken
Advanced Materials, 2100646 (2021)   

Broadband Terahertz Probes of Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Disentangle Extrinsic and Intrinsic Contributions
L. Nadvornik, M. Borchert, L. Brandt, R. Schlitz, K. A. de Mare, K. Vyborny, I. Mertig, G. Jakob, M. Klaeui, S.T.B. Goennenwein, M. Wolf, G. Woltersdorf, T. Kampfrath
Physical Review X 11, 021030 (2021)   

Nanoscale magnonic Fabry-Perot resonator for low-loss spin-wave manipulation
HJ Qin, R. B. Hollander, L. Flajsman, F. Hermann, R. Dreyer, G. Woltersdorf, S. van Dijken
Nature Communications 12, 2293 (2021)   

Frequency-Independent Terahertz Anomalous Hall Effect in DyCo5, Co32Fe68, and Gd27Fe73 Thin Films from DC to 40 THz
T. S. Seifert, U. Martens, F. Radu, M. Ribow, M. Berritta, L. Nadvornik, R. Starke, T. Jungwirth, M. Wolf, I. Radu, M. Muenzenberg, P. M. Oppeneer, G. Woltersdorf, T. Kampfrath
Advanced Materials 33, 202007398 (2021)   

Terahertz Spin-to-Charge Conversion by Interfacial Skew Scattering in Metallic Bilayers   
Gueckstock, L. Nadvornik, M. Gradhand, T. S. Seifert, G. Bierhance, R. Rouzegar, M. Wolf, M. Vafaee, J. Cramer, M. A. Syskaki, G. Woltersdorf, I. Mertig, G. Jakob, M. Klaeui, T. Kampfrath
Advanced Materials 33, 202007398 (2021)