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Diploma and research projects

Quantum dynamics:

1. The aim is the development of a new approach to the evolution of quantum systems under external driving fields. The method which will be used is a new variant of the variable-phase method extended to time-dependent processes.

2. The goal is the study of quantum and statistical aspects of quantum rings and dots exposed to fluctuating laser fields. We will use standard tools of quantum dynamics combined with quantum statistical methods.

Electronic correlations:

1. The aim is to study on-site electronic correlation in atomic chains deposited on surfaces. The method will be mostly analytical and is based on a two-particle Hubbard model.

2. Green's function theory for none-equilibrium interacting few-body systems. The aim will be a generalization of a scheme previously developed in the department to time-dependent perturbations.

Visiting scientists

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We are always open for new ideas and proposals which fall within the broad scope of our research.

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