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This page informs about general topics. For a more detailed insight into special subjects follow this link.


In the working group problems of equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical physics as well as questions concerning the theory of condensed matter are investigated theoretically by analytical or computer- based methods.

Main focus

  • Transport and reaction processes in ordered and disordered systems
  • Influence of feedback and memory effects
  • Phase transitions and fluctuations in equilibrium or nonequilibrium
  • Dynamical systems with constraints
  • Ferroelectric, multiferroic and magnetic systems based on microscopic and mesoscopic models
  • Ferroelectric layer systems and nanoparticles
  • Mathematical biology: growth and population models
  • Polymers and social networks
  • Polymeric electrolytes
  • Transport processes in electronically correlated systems


  • Stochastic differential equations (SDE), Fokker- Planck equations (FPE)
  • Master equation, Fock space representation
  • Renormalization group theory (RG theory)
  • Green's function method,  equation of motion and  pertubation theory
  • Path integral representation
  • Theory of ferroelectric and magnetic systems
  • Monte- Carlo- simulations