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Dr. Nicki Hinsche

phone: +49 (0) 345 55-25566
fax: +49 (0) 345 55-25446

room 0.47
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
06120 Halle (Saale)

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Dr. Nicki Hinsche

Dr. Nicki Hinsche

Dr. Nicki Hinsche

The current research focus lies on the realistic description of electronic and thermal material properties of nanostructured systems beyond standard Density Functional Theory (DFT).

In detail, I am working on methods and computational implementations to understand, describe and predict electronic and vibronic transport properties in bulk and low-dimensional systems, i.e. single crystals, thin films or monolayers (   ).

Final goal is the multi-scale description of functional devices, based on phenomena like thermoelectrics, superconductivity, mulitferroics, phase-change or topological insulators/metals, from the theoretical atomic scale towards the experimentally realisable material.

Our conceptional ideas were recently awarded with the „Hugo Junkers Prize“ 2015 for „Most innovative proposal in fundamental research“ (   ), where we conceptionally showed the bottom-up design of a nanostructured, thermoelectric energy harvester, from theoretical DFT calculations towards the working device.

Doctoral Thesis: Thermoelectric transport in semiconducting heterostructures

The scope of this thesis is to understand the microscopic origin of thermoelectric transport in semiconducting heterostructures and to identify and elucidate mechanisms which could lead to enhanced thermoelectric conversion efficiency. Based on first-principles calculations the electronic structure and the related TE transport properties of bulk Bi2Te3 , Sb2Te3 , Si, and Ge, as well as their heterostructures Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 and Si/Ge are determined and discussed. The focus is on the influence of bulk and interfacial strain, varying charge carrier concentration, temperature and superlattice periods on the TE transport properties.

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Diploma Thesis: Electronic Transport Properties of Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions

Goal of the work was the investigation on the electronic transport properties of tunneljunctions with a ferroelectric insulating barrier, in our case either BaTiO3 or PbTiO3.

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Research Project

Priority Programme (SPP) 1386: Nanostructured thermoelectrics: Theory, model systems, and controlled synthesis

Project "Ab initio description of heterostructures in the diffusive transport limits"

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