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  • Persistence Probability of the German DAX and Shanghai  indexF. Ren, B.Zheng, H. Lin, L.Y. Wen, and S. Trimper
    Physica A 350,  439-450, (2005)
  • Epidemics and dimensionalty in hierarchical networks
    Da-fang Zheng, P M Hui, Steffen Trimper, Bo Zheng
    Physica A 352, 659, (2005); cond-math/0308502
  • Feedback-controlled diffusion: from self-trapping to true self - avoiding walks
    B. M. Schulz, S. Trimper, M. Schulz
    Phys. Lett. A 339, 224-231 (2005)
  • Kinetic Ising model in two and three dimensions with constraints
    Claudia Kuhlmann, Steffen Trimper and Michael Schulz
    physica status solidi  (b) 242, 2401 (2005)
  • Impact of layer defects in ferroelectric thin films
    J. M. Wesselinowa, S. Trimper and K. Zabrocki
    J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 17, 4687- 4699 (2005), cond-mat/0411099
  • Einstein und kein Ende oder was ist dran an den beiden Relativitätstheorien
    Semjon Stepanow, Steffen Trimper
    Scientia halensis 3/2005, p. 13-14
  • Dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of the three-dimensional random - bond Potts model
    J. Q. Yin, B. Zheng and S. Trimper
    Phys. Rev. E 72, 036122- 036129 (2005)

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