Solid-State NMR Halle: Journal Publications 2008

D. Reichert, O. Pascui, T. J. Bonagamba, P.S. Belton, A. Schmidt, E. R. deAzevedo.
CONTRA: Improving the Performance of Dynamic Investigations in Natural Abundance Solids by Symmetrized constant-time CODEX.
J. Magn. Reson. 191, 141-147 (2008).


We present a minor but essential modification to the CODEX 1D-MAS exchange experiment. The new CONTRA method, which requires minor changes of the original sequence only, has advantages over the previously introduced S-CODEX, since it is less sensitive to artefacts caused by finite pulse lengths. The performance of this variant, including the finite pulse effect, was confirmed by SIMPSON calculations and demonstrated on a number of dynamic systems.

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